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We pride ourselves in helping people to replace damaged or lost diplomas so that you have a document to prove your hard work and dedication.

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Our organization was founded in 2004, and we create top-quality gag diplomas along with joke transcripts, degrees, and other documents. We offer customized documents and let you select the name, type of degree, and recipient name. Regardless as to whether you wish to use your school name to obtain a replica document or if you wish to make a name up to use as a joke gift for a family member or friend, we can print it out in a professional-looking font on top-quality paper.

We've produced documents for over 50,000 very satisfied customers. The high quality of our products places our services in very high demand, and we pride ourselves in creating over 100 transcripts and diplomas for our customers each week.

We understand that diplomas are extremely important, so our time is dedicated to working hard to make sure that the documents we create are high quality. We don't care if you are buying a diploma as a gag gift or as a replacement, and you can feel confident that you will get the most realistic and finest diplomas, degrees, and transcripts when you place an order with us.

Some customers that shop with us have been scammed in the past by companies that offered them products of low quality. Half of our customers have found their way to our site after being referred by an extremely satisfied, previous customer.

We have extensive experience in this business and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately, many other sites offer documents of low quality and in some cases will never send an actual product. While we understand that you may be concerned, we encourage you to take a chance with us. Regardless of the decision you make, we wish you luck!

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Great Diploma Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy provides information on the ways that great diplomas uses, releases, retains, and gathers information provided by our users. This policy applies to our website and all products and services that we offer through great diplomas.

Identifying Information

We may gather individual identifying information from our customers in a variety of ways, including when our customers visit our website, complete a form, request an order, or when we they connect to any other activity, resource, service, or feature that is provided on our site. Visitors may be asked to provide their name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. Visitors to our site may have the opportunity to anonymously visit our site, and they have the option to refuse providing identifying information. However, visitors should note that a failure to provide requested information may restrict or limit their access and participation in certain activities that are related to our site.

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This website doesn't place cookies in order to improve the experiences of our visitors.

Utilization of Gathered Data

At great diplomas, we gather and utilize individual information about our visitors for a variety of reasons. Payment processing is one such reason, and we can use the personal data obtained from visitors during ordering. We do not provide this information to any outside organizations or individuals unless we need to do so in order to complete the service that is requested of us.

Individual Data Sharing

We will never lease, sell, or trade the individual information received from our visitors.

Privacy Protection Regulation Compliance Regarding Children

We take child protection online very seriously. Due to this, our policy is that we will never keep or gather data on our site from any individuals who we know are under 13 years old. Our website does not contain any pages that are designed in order to attract visitors under 13 years old.

Privacy Policy Modifications

At any time, great diplomas has the ability to modify or change our privacy policy. If we chose to change our policy, we will be sure to update the revision date on the bottom of this page. We encourage visitors to frequently check our policies in order to ensure that they are up-to-date regarding our practices as they pertain to individual data that we gather. It is your responsibility to review our privacy policy periodically so that you are aware of potential changes.

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The use of our website affirms that you have read and acknowledge our guideline. If for whatever reason you choose to not follow our guidelines, please stop using our website. In the event that you choose to continue using our website after these guidelines have been modified, you are affirming that you agree with those changes.

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The agreement terms and conditions apply when you are making a purchase or participating in any activity found on our website. When you utilize or make a purchase from our site, you are affirming that you agree to abide by our terms and conditions. Our agreement will explain and include all aspects of the agreement between us, and it supersedes any previous agreements. Changes made to our agreement can be implemented at any time without notice. The agreements found on our website will indicate the agreement that is the most current, and you are solely responsible for the review of this document prior to using the services offered on our website.

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Visitors to our site are prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities and actions: (1) utilize this website, including our services and tools if you are not able to obligate yourself to a legal contract, if you're under 18 years of age, or if you have been banned from using this website, its tools, or its services; (2) placing items into an incorrect location or category on this site; (3) compiling information regarding our visitors that include their individual information; (4) modifying or changing the product prices, or providing interference with the product listings of other visitors; (5) posting defamatory, fake, inaccurate, libelous, or misleading information; (6) engaging in any activity that might result in damage to the rating system of the websites. In order to complete the sign-up procedures involved with this website, you will be required to provide us with your entire name, address, email address, and any other data that might be requested in order to finish the sign-up process. You will be asked to certify your age, and you need to be able to maintain a secure password. You will be prohibited from sending computer viruses or any other damaging codes within this website.


We aren't required to provide any refund in the event that you change your mind regarding a purchase. Therefore, please think your purchases through before placing your order. If your products are damaged, we will agree to meet our obligations to ensure that the issue is resolved.


Any products that are bought through our website were created pursuant to other contracts regarding shipment. Potential risk for the ownership and loss of these items is transferred to you directly after we have delivered our product to the shipper.

Product Descriptions and Pricing

The price list that is found on our site lists the full price of the merchandise, and it is provided by the manufacturer or supplier. In other cases, it may be estimated through the use of practices which are common to the industry, or by determining the appropriate value for merchandise that is similar in terms of value. Its prices may actually be estimated prices, but this doesn't represent the retail price currently found at all retail locations.

Item Modification

It is our discretion to change the terms and conditions that are maintained in this agreement. This can be done at any time by providing a posting or note, or by providing an entirely new agreement on our site. If you choose to continue visiting our website or shop for services or merchandise after we have changed our agreement that will constitute an acceptance of our agreement and the changes that were posted.


You are acknowledging that any titles, rights, and interest, which can include rights that may be covered under intellectual property. You will also refrain from gaining any title, rights, or interest in this program that is not listed in our agreement. You will not adapt, translate, reverse, modify, decompile, or dismantle source code information in any documentation, service, or software of ours, and you should also refrain from creating similar services or products by using this program or its proprietary data.

Fraudulent Activities

Any activities that may constitute fraud are monitored closely on this website. In the event that we detect fraud, great diplomas will then use any available means to address this issue, and the individuals that participate in fraudulent activities may be financially liable for any legal fees and costs that result from activities that are related to fraud.


You agree that you won't share any information or data which has been received from our website. All information and data that has been provided by the customers that participate in our program are considered as proprietary data. Information regarding our customers is never distributed, sold, transferred, redistributed, or used for the purpose of exploiting proprietary information or data.

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