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When submitting an order with our company, you are providing verification that you agree to and accept our organization's terms and conditions. Therefore, we request that you only submit your order after you have carefully read and understand our terms and conditions as outlined in this policy.

Each item and product that is bought from our organization (great diplomas) is created as a novelty item. These products are in no way intended for use in any unlawful manner.

As the customer, you are accepting total and complete responsibility for the proper usage of these items.

By placing an order, you are accepting and agreeing to the fact that documents we provide are for novelty use only. Using these items for any other purpose will be considered fraud, and we will not be held responsible for such actions. If you choose to use the novelty items that we provide for fraudulent activities, you are accepting sole accountability and responsibility for your actions.

Misusing our products can be defined as using one of the novelty items created by and purchased from our organization in a manner that may result in misappropriation, embezzlement, abuse, fraud, misrepresentation, distortion, and other illegal acts. We highly condemn the fraudulent use of any of the novelty products that we produce, and you agree that the great diplomas will not be held liable for any type of illegal act that was perpetrated by buyers of our products. As the purchaser, the use of our novelty items is entirely your responsibility.

Novelty product misuse is entirely your responsibility. At great diplomas, we hold no responsibility regarding your use of our products, and we will not be held responsible or accountable in legal proceedings that can develop due to illegal use of the items sold or produced by our company.

At great diplomas, we want to emphasize that we are an independent business that provides novelty joke diplomas for sale to the general public. We have no affiliation with schools, universities, colleges, military organizations, or religious groups.

You agree that you fully understand that our transcripts, degrees, and diplomas are novelty items and are not official educational documents from a college, university, or high school. These items are created for use as gag gifts, jokes, video productions, or theatre presentations. At great diplomas, we strongly condemn and disapprove of using these items for any purposes other than those previously stated.

We strongly encourage you to review local, state, and federal laws before you place an order.

You agree that you fully understand the statues, laws, and regulations of your country regarding the usage of novelty items produced by great diplomas and/or bought on our website. You also affirm that you fully understand the regulations and import rules of your country and how they apply to the use of novelty products. Furthermore, you agree to fully accept responsibility for any possible legal issues that can potentially arise within your country due to using these particular novelty items.

You testify that you aren't a great diplomas employee and that you have never been employed by the great diplomas in the past.

You verify that you have no connection with any law enforcement organization, which may include but are not limited to the police, courts of law, the FBI, legal offices, and legal representatives. You also confirm that you have no association with any known form of media or related organization.

You fully understand that all of our novelty products are sold with no merchantability warranty for any non-infringement or function. We will not be held responsible for loss or damage that is experienced by customers that purchase our products.

When your order has been delivered, you fully agree to not deface or modify the novelty item in any way. You confirm that you will acknowledge, respect, and recognize the copyrights of the manufacturer.

All items, including our website, images, stationary, and literary content, are copyrighted by great diplomas. All rights reserved.

These terms and conditions are legally binding. When placing an order with great diplomas, you agree to follow the terms and conditions that have been outlined and acknowledge that you have thoroughly read them. We forbid the unlawful use of any of the items that we produce.

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