If you need more information about our joke diplomas, gag transcripts, and other documents, feel free to contact us. However, for your convenience, we have outlined some of our most frequently asked questions here. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us. We are here to assist you in any way that we can.

Q: Do you have a list of available templates?

A: We have worked hard to collect thousands of proofs that allow us to produce diplomas and transcripts. These documents have been obtained worldwide and we are constantly updating our list. To find out if we have what you are looking for, just contact us if we have what you are looking for we will send you a free proof, only if you are satisfied with the proof, do you need to pay. Our Order page makes placing your order extremely easy, and information about our prices can also be obtained from this page. In the event that we do not have the document you are looking for, we can produce one if you are able to send us a scanned copy (.jpg format) of the document that you would like replicated. Standard charges will apply.


Q: I am interested in your service. Do you have more information on what your college diplomas and novelty transcripts look like?

A: Our degrees and transcripts are very authentic looking. Our documents are customized to meet the requirements demanded by your clientele, and we work with our customers to ensure that the product they receive is perfect. Whether we are producing a certificate, diploma, or degree, our documents contain all of the information that is provided by our client, including:

  • Name of institution
  • Your Name
  • Degree type
  • Educational field or major
  • Graduation date

In addition, each of our mock joke diplomas or college degrees are shipped and sold as a complete package. All of the specific items found within the original document will be included without an additional cost, and this can include the lettering, signatures, and seals. In fact, the seals are one of our top areas of expertise, and we create them individually so that they are an exact replica of the seal.

To provide your document with an additional authentic touch, we go the extra mile to buy the paper that we use from the vendor who supplies numerous colleges and universities with the paper they use to print their documents. Our novelty certificates and diplomas are printed using the same parchment utilized by many colleges and universities.

We utilize the same expertise when it comes to developing our novelty transcripts. The documents that we produce are printed on security paper types that are tamper-proof. This unique type of paper is utilized by numerous colleges and universities throughout the world, and we also use it to create our transcripts. We also go the extra mile to customize our paper with additional security measures that schools may use. For example, if a university uses a seal watermark on their document, we will include that same feature on the duplicate copy that we send you. In other cases, hidden words such as "void" or "copy" will be embedded into transcript paper as a way to prevent forgeries, and we can ensure that these will also be found on your replicated document. This allows you to feel confident that you are receiving an exact replica copy of the original document.

Finally, we have the ability to customize the course list found on your transcript so that it meets your exact specifications. We can also notate transferred credits. We provide the university seal and registrar signature so that every detail will be included. Your document will appear completely authentic and will not be detected as a novelty transcript.

NOTE: It is our goal to develop documents that appear as authentic as possible. Therefore, we do not include the words "novelty", "replica", or any similar words on our documents.

We also pride ourselves on replicating the signatures that are found on our diplomas, transcripts, and other documents we produce. We complete extensive research in order to determine which signatures are appropriate for inclusion on your document, and after this information is obtained we use an "autopen" to create an inscription that is historically accurate.

These steps are of equal importance in developing a final product that you can be proud of- an exact replica copy of the original document.


Q: Do you have the ability to customize my transcripts to show credits that I've transferred or to add certain courses?

A: Definitely! We can customize your transcript to contain any class that you wish, and this is all done without an additional fee. All of the transcripts that we produce are completely customized based on your specifications. All you need to do is to provide us with the course list and data when you place your order. We will only use the information provided by you, so make sure that you are thorough.


Q: If I am in possession of an original document, is it possible for it to be duplicated?

A: Sure! If you have an original copy of the transcript, diploma, degree, or certificate you are requesting, we can definitely produce a duplicate for you. Simply send it to us so that we can create a replica that is made to meet your specifications. The best way to send it is via email (scanned in .jpg format) so that we can view the details and create a copy that is completely


Q: Will the transcript I order come with a transcript guide?

A: Absolutely! Our transcript templates are complete with the corresponding transcript guides that appear on the back side of the document. The transcript guide is responsible for providing detailed information regarding your course codes and the school grading structure.


Q: Can I see my document before you ship it?

A: Of course! We will always email you a copy of the document we created for you before we ship it. In fact, we only ship documents after our customers have signed off on them with their final approval. Mention this requirement when you place your order.


Q: Are additional documents offered at a discounted price?

A: Yes. Once your documents have been produced, you can place your order to receive additional sets. Prices for each document can run at only $50.00.


Q: Do you offer a verification service?

A: No, we do not offer a verification service.


Q: How can I pay for my documents?

A: We accept payments through PayPal, bitcoin and Western Union.

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