Optometry College Major Description

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The Optometry major is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become optometrists. Students in the major take coursework in optics, visual science, and clinical practice. The major also includes an externship, during which students gain experience in a real-world optometry setting.

What They Learn

The Optometry major studies the eye and how it works in order to identify and correct vision problems. Students learn about the structure and function of the eye, as well as how to examine and diagnose patients. The major also covers the principles of optics and how to prescribe corrective lenses. In addition, students learn about the different eye diseases and disorders that can affect vision.

Graduates Expectation

The Optometry major expects its students to develop into competent, evidence-based clinicians who are able to provide optimal patient care. The major also expects its students to be able to contribute to the advancement of the profession through research, teaching and other scholarly activities.

Job Market and Opportunities

The Optometry job market is expected to grow by 27.6 percent from 2010 to 2020. This growth is due to an aging population and an increase in the number of people with vision problems. There will be an increase in the number of people with age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

Program Challenges

There is a major challenge that many face when it comes to an optometry program. The vast majority of optometry programs are only available at four-year colleges and universities. This means that students must complete a four-year degree before they can even begin an optometry program. The cost of a four-year degree can be a major barrier for many students. In addition, many optometry programs are very competitive, making it difficult to get accepted into a program.

Career Projection

The Optometry projected to grow 14 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. The demand for optometry services is expected to increase as the population ages. The number of people with age-related vision problems, such as macular degeneration and cataracts, is projected to grow significantly.

Is Optometry Major For You?

If you 're considering a career in optometry, there are a few things you should know. First, optometry is a challenging and rewarding profession that offers a great opportunity to help people. Secondly, optometry is a demanding field, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed. Finally, optometry is a ever-changing field, and new technologies and approaches are constantly being developed. If you're willing to put in the work, optometry can be a great career for you.

Good to Know

To be an optometry student, you need to have strong academics, good hand-eye coordination, and an interest in health care.

You'll also need to be comfortable with people. As an optometrist, you'll be working with patients on a daily basis, so it's important that you have good people skills.

If you're interested in becoming an optometrist, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting into optometry school. First, make sure you get good grades in your undergraduate studies. Optometry schools are looking for students with strong academic records.

Second, consider doing some volunteer work or internships in the optometry field. This will give you some hands-on experience and show optometry schools that you're serious about becoming an optometrist.

Finally, make sure to take the Optometry Admission Test (OAT) before applying to optometry school. The OAT is a standardized test that all optometry school applicants must take. Doing well on the OAT will improve your chances of getting into the optometry school of your choice.

Major Tips

If you're interested in becoming an optometrist, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, optometry is a competitive field, so you'll need to make sure you have excellent grades. Secondly, you'll need to complete a four-year optometry program at an accredited school. And finally, you'll need to pass a state-licensed optometry exam.

1. Get good grades in your science and math courses. The optometry program at UAB is looking for students with strong academic records.

2. Volunteer or work in an optometry office. This will give you exposure to the field and help you decide if optometry is the right career for you.

3. Prepare for the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). This test is required for admission into the optometry program at UAB.

4. Meet with an admissions counselor. The counselors at UAB can give you more information about the optometry program and the admissions process.

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