Our mock joke degrees are copies that look like exact duplicates of the original diplomas, transcripts, and degrees that educational institutions (high schools, colleges, and universities) award. Our completely customizable documents are designed to meet the terms outlined by our customers, and we will work with our clients to ensure they receive a perfect product. Whether it's making a degree, diploma, or certificate, we work hard to produce high-quality documents that contain the information requested by our clients.

We also ship and sell each of our college degrees and imitation diplomas as complete packages. We include all specific items that were included on the original document at no extra cost, and we can also include embossed lettering, seals, and signatures. Seals are actually one of our major expertise areas, and we custom-make them individually to ensure that they appear to be an exact copy of the original seal located on a real document. To put it in simpler terms, the certificates that we create are completely authentic-looking replicas of the original educational document.

We also purchase paper from the same vendor who is responsible for supplying educational institutions with the supplies used to print their transcripts, diplomas, and other documents, and we do this in order to stand out from our competition.



We also use the same knowledge and skills when it comes to creating our novelty transcripts. We produce documents that are printed on security paper that are completely tamper-proof. This paper is used by institutions of higher education all over the world, and it is a staple in creating our transcripts. We work hard to ensure our paper is customized with extra security features that can be used by schools. For instance, if a college places a seal watermark onto their transcript, we will also ensure that the same feature has been included on the duplicate copy we send to you. In other instances, transcripts may include hidden words like "copy" or "void" in order to prevent the documents from being forged, and we can also ensure that these words are found on the document that we replicate for you. These features should allow you to feel confident in the fact that you are getting an exact copy of your original educational document.

Lastly, we are able to create a custom-made course list for you to include on your transcripts, and we can use your specifications to ensure that this list meets your needs. Transfer credits can also be notated. We will provide the registrar signature and seal on your document while also verifying that even the smallest detail has been included. There is no way that your document will be questioned as a replica, and your transcript will appear like a completely authentic document. Please Note: Our goal is to develop authentic-looking documents, so we will never include words like "replica" or "novelty" on any of the documents that we produce.

We strive to replicate the signatures that are located on the diplomas, mock degrees, and transcripts that we create. We go the extra mile to do research so that we can find out which signatures are needed on your document, and once we access this information we will use an "autopen" tool in order to develop a signature that appears genuine while being historically accurate.

We feel that each of these steps is essential in order to develop a product that will make you proud- a duplicate copy that appears to be an exact replica of your document.

What We Guarantee to

  • Create a complete duplicate diploma through the use of the highest quality parchment paper so that the texture and color of the original document are matched exactly.
  • Construct your transcript through the use of secure document paper in order to replicate the color and security features used in the original.
  • Reproduce the exact signatures, seals, watermarks, and wordings in the document that we create.
  • Ensure your privacy by shipping all documents that you order discretely and securely.

We Will Never

  • Intentionally misspell or change the name on the document that you order.
  • Include the words "replica" or "novelty" on any item that we produce for you.
  • Use the identical set of templates on each of our orders and then claim that they are genuine replicas.

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